Tuesday, 18 October 2011

We're looking for treasure!!!!

Wow doesn't time fly, it's been nearly a month since my last post but some things have been done. Unfortunately there have ben some setbacks meaning I can't show one of my projects but rest assured, as soon as I can I will.  Anyways even though I didn't think it would be for more due to lack of future expansions I bought Dreadfleet.  I wanted to paint up a ship or two and they where going for £15-20 on eBay each so I thought screw it and bought it.  While I've been cleaning up the ships I've started painting up the treasure tokens and measuring gubbins.  I've been trying out a gold technique related to me by one Chris Tomlin of Blacksun infamy (not sure where he knicked it from though) which essentially is washes over Plasticote Gold spray.  I added in some drybrushing and a few tweaks and this is where i'm up to for now.

Pictures Ahoy!!

Thats all for now though i'll be giving the game a tryout tomorrow with the wednesday goths and i'll pass on my thoughts after that.