Monday, 29 August 2011

Infinity - Making Markers

In preparation for when I get round to painting up my Aleph mini's I've been prepping I have used some of my spare time to put together some tokens and templates to use whilst gaming.  First of all I printed the markers out on adhesive printer labels before making a start on the small round ones first.  These ones happen to be in 25mm in diameter so I grabbed so nice clear 25mm bases from the lovely people at Fenris Games.

Then using my trusty (cheap) 25mm hole punch.

Then got all sticky until piles and piles of markers had been created.

The larger round blast templates are supposedly CD sized however having to cut these out by hand did lead to some slightly shoddy matching up, but there still good enough to use so jobs a good'un. some are double sided smoke/blast but there also a lot of ones that are just smoke ready for remains in play effects.

Still need to get the guys at Fenris Games to laser cut me the necessary shapes for the flamer templates and suppression fire templates but this will do for a start.

Charcharadon - Moving Forward

So I've tried to move forwards a bit with these, not a big stuff but something at least. I've glossed all the tanks using Future Floor Polish pushed through my trusty cheapo airbrush.  i then stuck a burnt umber oil wash on one of the Rhino's to start the dirtying up process, I still need to track some Devlan Mud into the panel lines and a few other tricks but this is where I'm at.  I'm going to follow the Rhino through to the end as a test bed then, if it works, apply it to the other tanks in one giganto batch of doom.

Here's the quick photo's.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Scythes of the Emperor - not Pedro Kantor

Well my list uses the Pedro Kantor character rules, however having a Crimson fist model running around would look a bit weird so decided to work on my own version.

This is as far as I have gotten so far. I still need to build something to represent Dorn's Arrow and i'll probably buy some of Zinge Industries flexible ammo belts to hook it up to the ammo hopper back pack.

Scythes of the Emperor - Sternguard - The New Batch

Well I haven't got much painting done since the last update due to having a relative visiting but I still managed to get on with some building.  In this case the next five Sternguard, these will be mixed up with the other five I already have to give the squads the weapon load outs required. So without further a do here's the photos.

First up two happy chaps with combi-meltas

A fellow with a melta gun and another with a heavy flamer

And a chap with powerfist and combi-flamer

not forgetting their heads of course, kept seperate to make painting a little easier

You won't be seeing much of these til after Games Day Uk I would imagine due to a trip abroad and trying to bash out a last minute Golden Demon entry.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Scythes of the Emperor - Scout Bikers -Part 3

So now that I've finished the bases I've pinned the bikes on to give me something a bit more substantial to get hold of as I finish them off.  So for now here they are, still WIP but progress is being made.

Well thats enough from me for one day, but rest assured more updates are not far away.


Scythes of the Emperor - Scout Bikers - Bases part 2 continued.

After tidying up the base rim's with GW Chaos Black I then got on with doing the rusty metal on the twisty bit's of girder I put on one of the bases.

First of all I basecoated it with GW Boltgun Metal:

Then Stippled on GW's Dark Flesh:

Followed by GW's Blood Red:

And GW's Macharius Solar Orange:

The washed it with thinned down GW Liche Purple:

The stipple back on some GW Mithril Silver:

And thats essentially how it's done apart from the grass tufts i'll be glueing on once I get the biker's themselves finished off.

Scythes of the Emperor - Scout Bikers - Bases part 2

So I've got on with a bit more hobby, namely getting some paint on the bases for the scout bikers and whilst doing it I took some pic's for a step by step in case anyone finds it of interest so here we go.

First up got the bases primed black:

Then gave everything a liberal coat of GW's Dark Flesh:

Before drybrushing with GW's Adeptus Battle Grey:

Then a drybrush of GW's Codex Grey:

Followed by a final drybrush of GW's Fortress Grey:

I then used a mix of GW's Chaos Black and Scorched Brown as a wash to shade the recesses and middle of any flat area:

Then a quick drybrush of GW's Khemri Brown and Kommando Khaki to make it a bit dusty:

It's been quite a long post so far so i'll do the next bit in another post.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

A Readers Request - The Operating Table

I had a reader who goes by the username Bloodthorn asked to see my work area in a comment on one of my post's and as promised I snapped a quick shot as I passed by so here it is in all it's not so glorious glory.

Scythes of the Emperor - Scout Bikers - Bases

Well a nice easy update just filling a bit of time making the bases for the bikes. I'm just waiting for the glue to dry before I can get on and sand these up, plus add a few random details.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Scythes of the Emperor - Scout Bikers - Part 2

Well i've made some progress on these so I thought I would show what i'm in the midst of.  I'm currently working through getting the metal basecoats and washes on for now.  I'll be working on these tomorrow night so hopefully there will be more to show tomorrow.


Blacksun Painting Competition - It's Turquoise

So wait five minutes and three distractions turn up at once, luckily it's only one for now though i'm sure two more will be along soon.  This is a miniature i'm painting for a small community gamers forum painting competition. As one member is obsessed with Hawk Turquoise I decided to see what I can do with it as it's a couple I very rarely use.  For now the basecoat is sprayed on awaiting it's first wash.

When some progress is made you'll see it here but there isn't long till the deadline so I better pull my finger out.