Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Scythes of the Emperor - Scout Bikers - Bases part 2

So I've got on with a bit more hobby, namely getting some paint on the bases for the scout bikers and whilst doing it I took some pic's for a step by step in case anyone finds it of interest so here we go.

First up got the bases primed black:

Then gave everything a liberal coat of GW's Dark Flesh:

Before drybrushing with GW's Adeptus Battle Grey:

Then a drybrush of GW's Codex Grey:

Followed by a final drybrush of GW's Fortress Grey:

I then used a mix of GW's Chaos Black and Scorched Brown as a wash to shade the recesses and middle of any flat area:

Then a quick drybrush of GW's Khemri Brown and Kommando Khaki to make it a bit dusty:

It's been quite a long post so far so i'll do the next bit in another post.

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