Sunday, 14 August 2011

Scythes of the Emperor - Sternguard - The New Batch

Well I haven't got much painting done since the last update due to having a relative visiting but I still managed to get on with some building.  In this case the next five Sternguard, these will be mixed up with the other five I already have to give the squads the weapon load outs required. So without further a do here's the photos.

First up two happy chaps with combi-meltas

A fellow with a melta gun and another with a heavy flamer

And a chap with powerfist and combi-flamer

not forgetting their heads of course, kept seperate to make painting a little easier

You won't be seeing much of these til after Games Day Uk I would imagine due to a trip abroad and trying to bash out a last minute Golden Demon entry.

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