Monday, 29 August 2011

Infinity - Making Markers

In preparation for when I get round to painting up my Aleph mini's I've been prepping I have used some of my spare time to put together some tokens and templates to use whilst gaming.  First of all I printed the markers out on adhesive printer labels before making a start on the small round ones first.  These ones happen to be in 25mm in diameter so I grabbed so nice clear 25mm bases from the lovely people at Fenris Games.

Then using my trusty (cheap) 25mm hole punch.

Then got all sticky until piles and piles of markers had been created.

The larger round blast templates are supposedly CD sized however having to cut these out by hand did lead to some slightly shoddy matching up, but there still good enough to use so jobs a good'un. some are double sided smoke/blast but there also a lot of ones that are just smoke ready for remains in play effects.

Still need to get the guys at Fenris Games to laser cut me the necessary shapes for the flamer templates and suppression fire templates but this will do for a start.

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