Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Charcaradon - A Bunch of Tanks

So here's a tiny update of where my Charcharadon are up to at the moment.  I've gotten both Rhino's, the Land Raider Redeemer and the two Predators (minus sponsons as i've changed the weapons) basecoated, chipped up and ready for me to gloss coat with Future Floor Polish so I can put a wash over them for some shading.  The metallics will come at the end. I'll also try to take advantage of the gloss stage to get some transfers laid down. This will getting done in one batch so expect a big change the next time you see them as I'm trying not to devote too much time to these, I just want to get a gaming standard army bashed out.

Here's the crappy pics:

Scythes of the Emperor - Scout Bikers - Part 1

So as promised a quick photo of the Scout Bikers I have Just begun. not much to show as I've only just nearly finished the yellow on the bikes but i'll try to be a bit more stage to stage for regular updates with these lil fellas.

Other goings on

Well time for a quick bit of bollocks from me! First of all last month was mighty indeed with over 1200 views!! Simply amazing never thought I would get over 1000 let alone that many, so cheers for stopping in and taking a peek.

 I've also got a few new projects in the offing.  Firstly as you've seen there will be soon ongoing scenery action now with me trying out a few new materials/products so it should be a mix of fun and catastrophic failures.  Secondly I've had a Malifaux warband sat around for a while so i'll be aiming to make some progress on these and try and get some games against the Joe and Chris at some point.  Thirdly I'm currently putting together some Infinity miniatures from the Aleph faction to be started very soon.  I'm hoping with a bit of variety it will actually help me with getting on with my existing projects as working on the Warmachine stuff has been a real nice change.

Lastly I will be at Gamesday again this year so I can enter Golden Demon (and not win again lol) so if you know me come say hi and hopefully i'll actually have made enough progress on some entries to post them here soon.

And remember "You watched it, you can't unwatch it............BLOGS OF INTEREST!!!"

Scenery - Rust Test

So these have been sat around a while but as i'll be working on some more scenery soon I figured I might as well chuck these up here.  I managed to pick up a cheap AT-43 scenery set from Witch Engine in Yeovil, this was really just for the storage containers as they are win.  Anyway I painted these as a rust test using only an airbrush, no using brstles for me on this one and this is how they came out.

These are able to swap in with my Planet Strike scenery as well as going towards building up and industrial sector to go with some more modern/anime scenery for playing Infinity.  Yep more projects, I know lol.

Scythes of the Emperor - Sternguard Completed (mostly).

So i've also cracked on with my Scythes and got the first five Sternguard completed, I say first five as I'm going to be fiddling my list so the next five will have all the extra alternate weapons need then the squads will be mixed to what I want.  Sorry about no work-in-progress on these as I kind of ground them out.  I will have some WIP shot's of my scout bikers along soon though.  Anywhere here they are.

And finally the classic grope shot of them with there buddy Sevrin with whom they will be sharing a pimpmobile.

I still need to do the grass tufts and insignia but I think they are done enough to count as completed.


Khador Plastic Warjack - A tiny bit of progress

Well besides being busy in the real world, hence the lack of posts, some progress has been made in various areas.  First up my Khador stuff for Warmachine.  I've managed to do some scratches on the armour. It's been a long time since i tried this and i'm not 100% happy with the results but here it is.

I've still got the axe to sort out, i've tried a couple of different things but nothing has worked yet. Guess I've forgotten how to blend large area's of metal lol. Plus I've got to do eye's, soot on the exhausts and a lil rust here and there.

Also on deck now we have a second warjack, a Juggernaut this time, and Sorscha to be my warcaster. all i've done so far is to get some basecoats sprayed on to save time later.

These will get there own lil progress threads when I get on a bit further with them.  The plan is to get these sorted so I can get a couple of battlebox games in with chesty, chad vader and the goths before moving onto building a full 35pt force.