Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Other goings on

Well time for a quick bit of bollocks from me! First of all last month was mighty indeed with over 1200 views!! Simply amazing never thought I would get over 1000 let alone that many, so cheers for stopping in and taking a peek.

 I've also got a few new projects in the offing.  Firstly as you've seen there will be soon ongoing scenery action now with me trying out a few new materials/products so it should be a mix of fun and catastrophic failures.  Secondly I've had a Malifaux warband sat around for a while so i'll be aiming to make some progress on these and try and get some games against the Joe and Chris at some point.  Thirdly I'm currently putting together some Infinity miniatures from the Aleph faction to be started very soon.  I'm hoping with a bit of variety it will actually help me with getting on with my existing projects as working on the Warmachine stuff has been a real nice change.

Lastly I will be at Gamesday again this year so I can enter Golden Demon (and not win again lol) so if you know me come say hi and hopefully i'll actually have made enough progress on some entries to post them here soon.

And remember "You watched it, you can't unwatch it............BLOGS OF INTEREST!!!"

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