Monday, 28 January 2013

Micro Art Studios - Apartment Building

Nearly forgot but I also finished this little chappy off as well, a few simple signs to give it a bit of detail but don't like scenery thats too overbearing so will do just fine.  When Micro Art's building graffiti decals come out then I may be tempted to use some of those.  But for now, it's done.

DUST - Axis Light Walker

So it's been a while but wanted to have something worthwhile to show your rather than heaps of grey plastic.  This brings us to the DUST Axis Light Walker, the plans for this is to use it as an extra Rifleman Dreadnaught (where location allows) as part of my Guard Auxilla for my Scythes, which could also branch out into a force of its own.  Unlike my Scythes I want any Guard elements to look more worn and weather beaten as the limited resources available would be no doubt lavished upon the elite angels of death rather than the scummy little Guard monkeys.  To this end I used a lot of sponging, washes and some very useful ready make products.  For the oily areas I used Tamiya's clear smoke and for the rust AK Interactives Rust Streak liquid (which tastes foul).

These are excellent kits at a very reasonable price though being pre-assembled it is difficult to get rid of all the mouldlines.  Also slightly annoying that it doesn't quite fit properly onto a GW 64mm base, but they again they aren't intended to.  Very tempted to paint another one of these as well as get some of the other DUST Axis Walkers to use as vehicle stand-ins for the Guard force.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Micro Art Studios - Apartment Building - WIP

Furthering my scenery efforts for Infinity I've made a start of one of Micro Art Studios excellent apartment building kit.  I've split this down to make two smaller buildings but I cannot say enough goods things about this kit, if you want scenery for Infinity buy these.  Right less advert more hobby, so far I've got the the basecoat and pre-shading done by essentially blasting this with my airbrush (cheating I know).

So now I'm making a start on the detailing, whilst working out what colours to use for the door and shutters I quickly splashed some paint onto some resin billboards from Antenocitis workshop.  These com with some fun photo inserts which are Sci-Fi enough for me to be happy using them for Infinity.  Once the inserts where trimmed and inserted I covered them in water effect to seal everything in and give the images a shine.

So these are them currently sat on my desk with the second coat of water effect still drying.  Soon as these are dry enough they will be stuck to the building. As I make some more progress and get more decision made on detailing I will get some more updates on the go.

Scythes of the Emperor - Chaplain

As part of my expansion project for my Scythes I decided to add a chaplain partly because I fancy occasionally switching the Blood Angel Codex to run a Storm Raven full of Vanguard Vets led by a Chaplain and Apothecary (Sanguinary Priest).  To this end I kept to a fairly standard model and just did a little fiddle around with the back pack.

Not my greatest effort but wanted to get some brush practice after a bit of a lay before I tackle the Angron miniature I picked up at Gamesday.  The Stormraven itself is in construction at the moment and  I will be starting on the Vanguard Vets as soon as I finalise the load out.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Infinity - Flying Cars from Antenocitis Workshop

First of all, no I cannot pronounce the manufacturers names and always forget it when googleing them. However you can find them by googling barrule instead.  So Antenocitis where good enough to bring out some lovely flying cars which I decided would be ideal as scatter terrain for Infinity so I grabbed myself three of these.  The first two I painted as civilian vehicles and the third will have a more battered Taxi look.  These are the two I managed to bash out the other day, they're fairly basic as they where mostly just painted with my airbrush.

I have to say these are lovely kits with excellent casting quality and I feel a reasonable price as they are a large chunk of scenery, plus Antenocitis do a bulk discount.  I'm definitely planning to get more of these as well as some of their ground cars to build up a nice selection of scatter to help break up any death zones caused by open roads.

Games Day UK 2012 - Forgeworld

So better late than never, these have probably been seen by all and sundry on the net but i'm going to post them for posterity anyway so first up i'm going to start with the plethora of goodies that Forgeworld have brewed up for their new Horus Heresy Range.

Who's that little fella, I wonder :-)

There where also some rough concepts and WIP's for Necrons who will be the protagonists in the next Imperial armour book.

As well as the updated lightning to fit in with new design aesthetic for Imperial Aircraft.

So thats all the photos done for another year so I guess it's time to get on with some actual hobby again I suppose.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Games Day UK 2012 - Golden Demon

So first up are my Golden Demon photos.  All I essentially do is take photos in no particular order of things that just catch my eye at the time.  This means its no particular order and no particular standard.  It's very likely I've missed the finalists entirely.  The other issue I noticed is that i'm going to have to take some instruction on getting good photos through glass as once again I struggled with this meaning lots of photos where deleted.  It was noticeable that there where far fewer entries this year and the overall standard much lower.  This was most likely due to some of the big names not attending and the shocking judging last year.  The finalists where however still of an exceptional standard (the gits).  I didn't have time to organise an entry this year so was merely an interested bystander.  Anyway enough waffle, time for the photos.

Now this Games Day mini was a bit of a bone of contention for me.  Why was it allowed to be entered when it was not yet on general release?  This whiffs horrible of last year where a painter was allowed early access to an unreleased miniature and went on to win the category with it.  This makes it seem like GW just wants to fix the judging to try to push its new releases.  This may sound a bit tin foil hat but unfortunately isn't something that is beyond GW.  Unreleased official miniatures need to be barred from entry to prevent this sort of impression being formed and to prevent any possible fixing in the results.  Anyway thats my two-penneth on that one and back to the photos.

Like last year, despite very bare cabinets, LotR single miniature category once again showed a very high standard overall so whereas popularity for the game may have waned these are still painters favourites that can be transformed into excellent pieces of work.

And thats the lot.  In spite of my shit BT Broadband connection doing its best to scupper my efforts thats all the Golden Demon photos I had that weren't blurred to oblivion.  Up next will be the Forgeworld stuff broadband connection willing.