Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Infinity - Flying Cars from Antenocitis Workshop

First of all, no I cannot pronounce the manufacturers names and always forget it when googleing them. However you can find them by googling barrule instead.  So Antenocitis where good enough to bring out some lovely flying cars which I decided would be ideal as scatter terrain for Infinity so I grabbed myself three of these.  The first two I painted as civilian vehicles and the third will have a more battered Taxi look.  These are the two I managed to bash out the other day, they're fairly basic as they where mostly just painted with my airbrush.

I have to say these are lovely kits with excellent casting quality and I feel a reasonable price as they are a large chunk of scenery, plus Antenocitis do a bulk discount.  I'm definitely planning to get more of these as well as some of their ground cars to build up a nice selection of scatter to help break up any death zones caused by open roads.

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