Tuesday, 29 March 2011

OVER 500! Plus badtouch get's banned news flash!

So first of all great news everyone! This month I finally broke the 500 views barrier which means I'm half way there to my target of 1000 views a month. In unrelated news it appears due to a legal issue arising from the backing track on my Sevrin 360 video, unclebadtouchTV is currently banned from viewing in Germany, so if your one of my german observers, sorry I'm a numpty and I'll try harder next time lol

On a lighter note I will be attempting Forgeworld's open day this Sunday, so for those of you attending keep an eye out for the big, hairy, bearded fool, clutching a Sevrin Loth in his grubby lil hands near the painting competition.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Testing Technology - An Explanation

I'm just trying out the limits of the technology available to me, especially when it is going to be neccessary to show off some larger models on here.  So sit back, relax, press the shiney button and it will all soon be over.  Sorry about the backing track but it was easily to hand and a lil bit more entertaining than a sterile clicking as the turntable goes round.  So keep your eye's peeled for more wacky going's on!  If you have any feedback please be sure to post it so I can do things better.

Testing Technology - Sorry lol

Scythes of the Emperor - Librarian - Part 4

So still struggling with technically difficulties I'm going to pop a quick update on here while I can.  I've made progress in some areas and taken a step back in others.  I've decided to redo the chest eagle as I wasn't happy with how it was coming out but have managed to get paint on some previously untouched areas.  I'm going to have to get a move on with this as I intend to enter it into the painting contest at Forgeworlds open day on the 03/04/11 at GW headquarters in lenton, I don't expect to win but it help's give me a deadline to work to.  So here are the shiny pictures, again not brilliant quality but i'll get the light tent out for the finished article.

So that's your lot til next time, Like I said above i'll hopefully have this done before the week is done so keep your eye's peeled!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Scythes of the Emperor - Sternguard

Well I made some progress on this unit, but not the miniatures lol got the bases prepped so I can say I did something constructive with my time.

Hopefully this might motivate me to get on with Sevrin so I can start this unit.

Got Bored Built Stuff

Not sure what colour scheme i'll paint it up in, i'll use it for either my Charcharadon or for some Grey Knight's.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Scythes of the Emperor - Razorback with Assault cannons finished

Well its basically finished barring the usual addition at some point of the scythes logo and a lil tidy up where a transfer chipped away (god knows what I'm doing wrong?).  It's also mounted up on the now finished scenic base.

Well thats another model out the way, I'm going to concentrate on finishing my librarian before I move onto painting anything else for my Scythes but will use the time to finish assembly on a couple of models  and perhaps crack on with the prep for my charcharadons (gap filling sucks). Though I hope to get started on painting my first unit of sternguard next.

Scythes of the Emperor - Librarian - Part 3

This is going so slowly but I thought I would try and keep every one up to date.

Nothing else to see here move along.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Many months on

Well i've been at this for a few months now with a few hiccups here and there but managed to post something fairly regularly.  It has been two months in a row now where i've gone over 400 viewings and gained a couple more followers so I guess i'm posting something people are interested.   However I thought I would throw open the floor and see if there are any suggestions or requests for things I could do better or haven't been doing.  It's your chance to have your say so feel free to post some feedback in the comments section.


Scythes of the Emperor - Librarian - Part 2

So I managed a lil more progress got most of the blue finished.  Just got one leg to go and to tidy up a few of the transition areas where things have gone a lil wonky.  So heres some more shiny pictures.

Blues always been an iffy colour for me so in some respects pleased with how this is coming out but always can definitely see areas that could be improved.