Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Khador Plastic Warjack - Continued

If you remember ages I go I put together and primed a khador warjack.  I decided to get some more practice with my airbrush messing around with this. Here are the results in dodgy photo fashion.

So I tried to get a bit of shading on the red and then masked it all off to spray the metal basecoat on.  The shading has worked better in some areas than others but an ok start, the vallejo air paints are so much better than standard paints and I noticed a definite difference when I changed between the two.  My masking was also a lil shoddy and I probably should have taken more time over it as there were a few spots I missed and got some bleeding.

The intention was always to heavily weather this jack anyway so shouldnt be too obvious in the final outcome. So next up will be to use some washes to shade the metal and to darken the shadows on the red before I get to work with some traditional highlighting and Glazes.  Then onto the weathering.


Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Ye gads! Not another distraction!  Yes, kind of. This is me trying to get back into Warhammer Fantasy taking advantage of a campaign i'll be taking part in with the Wednesday Goths at GW Poole.  It's only 1200 pts and like the Grey Knights it will only be table top standard, also I'll be taking advantage of demon units being very mono-coloured to BLAAT on the basecoat with my airbrush hopefully cutting down on time a lot. So without further a do some photos.

First up I converted some furies using plastic GW Ghouls and GW Tyranid Gargoyle wings, Fez's to be added when I'm green stuffing the gaps.

A lazy conversion on the Changeling to create a Tzeentch Herald with winged horror.

And some fairly bog standard flamers and seekers.

And made a start on my personal nemesis, skirmish movement trays.

So as you can see I've been keeping myself busy.  Here's the list I'm working to also.

Herald of Khorne BSB, Armour of Khorne - 140

Herald of Tzeentch Winged Horror, Master of Sorcery - 160

30 x Bloodletters with Full Command - 390

6 x Furies - 72

5 x Seekers with Full Command - 140

5 x Flamers - 175

1 x Fiend - 55

1 x Fiend - 55

TOTAL - 1187


Grey Knights

Ooops I jumped on the bandwagon.  Deciding that the new sculpts were too nice to pass up (even if it is more to power armour to paint yawn!) so I've got some stuff put together namely these terminators (photos are pants soz!).

Not very interesting I know however I also previously had put together a dozen grey knights in power armour and a dreadknight together to test my airbrush out on.  For these I primed black, sprayed the Vallejo Air (VA) Rust, then VA Silver before a couple of washes and a brybrush of Citadel (GW) Mithril Silver.  I have to say the VA paints go on super smooth and it's so fast getting a basecoat on with an airbrush, literally amazing.  Photo quality again is bad however the dreadknight is closet to how these look for real.

These are ready to start having detail cut back in, i'll take some better photos when there is more to see.  However I'm definitely pleased with my cheapo airbrush the performance and convenience is top notch.

Following is the list in working towards.

Grey Knights - 1750

Xenos Inquisitor with 3 x Servo Skulls, Force Weapon, Psychic Communion - 64

Librarian with Shrouding, Sanctuary, Warp Rift - 165

3 x Multi-Melta Servitors, 2 x Jokaero - 100
Dedicated Transport - Chimera - 55

6 x Strike Squad with Daemon Hammer and Psycannon - 140
Dedicated Transport - PAssBack - 85

6 x Strike Squad with Daemon Hammer and Psycannon - 140
Dedicated Transport - PAssBack - 85

5 x Terminators with Daemon Hammer and Psycannon - 225

5 x Terminators with Daemon Hammer and Psycannon - 225

Psyfledread - 135

Psyfledread - 135

Dreadknight with Nemesis Greatsword and Heavy Psycannon - 195

TOTAL - 1749

A quick catch up......

Well you may or not have noticed I have been somewhat remiss in my presence of late, this is mainly do to getting distracted and being busy sticking things together (not the most interesting thing to blog about).  So now I've made some progress i'll be posting some updates to show where i'm up to, then I keep can you all up to date as I go on.

Also I touched up Sevrin up a bit and entered him in the GW Poole painting contest taking first place, i'll edit in a photo montage of how he looks now one I get the photos taken.

So theres the happy lil fellow as promised.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Sevrin Finished?

Scythes of the Emperor - Librarian - Part 5 (Finished?)

so I thought I had finished this, entered it in the comp at the forgeworld open day then took these photos and realised I hadn't finished the book on the banner pole. Oops! Still not happy with the chest eagle either.

Also changed the weapon as couldnt get the force axe looking right, so used the grey knight force staff thingy, this was a completely original conversion, if some guy called george McStocker says he came up with it he's a liar ;-p plus it's all his fault I didn't win the competition lol

So heres some photos.

So there you have it, spinny video to follow!

Forgeworld open day 2011 - Warhammer Forge.

So I took my sojourn through the realm of the square bases and found some truly intriguing sights (and was generally very impressed!).  So without further a do i'll get to the photos.

It was the upcoming dwarfs that truly impressed me, the characters they had shown of at Gamesday last year are nice and everything but the Infernal Guard and Great Taurus are the "stone cold nuts"

First up the Great Taurus.

Just Kidding!

The guy sculpting this (sorry I forgot your name) has also said he is trying to be allowed the time to do a kit allowing this to be built as a Lammasu as well.  Now for the Infernal Guard.

and a nicely painted example.

I love the direction they have taken with these guys especially the "handgunners" they have a nice sorcerous engineer feel to them which is still artisan rather than cobbled together Skaven weapons.  Now for the bad news, although the book and first releases are out in July ish, the Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard and Great Taurus are late editions so are likely to be a couple of months after the release.  The big war engines didn't really do it for me, but these plus the Siege Giant are proving a huge temptation.

Speaking of Siege Giants.

Also it know appears that the Spawn shown at Gamesday is in fact someones pet and was indeed joined by his master at this event.

There were also a Few more additions to the new Empire line, not that exciting but a certain man lover will enjoy these.

There was also this very promising WIP on display as well.

This is looking great already and I look forward to seeing it finished, the sculptor has done a superb job of getting that skin hanging off bones look rats have.  He even took the time to show me his special collection of "pink images" gathered from the net ;-)

So that just about covers my sunday, spent a lot of time chatting to the guys about the design process, moulding considerations etc and was a very interesting day.  Shame about the motorway closures, torrential hail and lightning on the way home.

Forgeworld open day 2011 - Design Studio Stands

So having failed at my attempts to win shiny trophies I decided to send my crack team of infiltrators to see what information could be gleaned from the strange folk of Forgeworld.

As usual lots to see but some items of particular interest, first up were some nice new Dark Eldar grav tanks, one ready to go into production the other still in a proto-type phase which Darren Parwood said would take at least two months to finish ready for casting.  Apparently no book in the works at the moment, these are just going to be released when they are ready.

They also had a display set up showing the process through from concept to the finished miniature, this time featuring the new 25 man Imperial Guard transport, the "crassus".

and a painted example thats sure to feature in the new Imperial Armour.

There were also some nice new pre-heresy assault marines on show, as well as some WIP sculpts for more pre-heresy heavy weapons.

There were also some nice new shoulder pads for the Salamanders Space Marine chapter as well as more detail packs for the Astral Claws, though the photos I took of these were awful lol.

Thats it for the 40K side of things, square bases coming up next.

Forgeworld open day 2011 - Painting contest.

Well as I made clear earlier I headed off to GW's secret HQ for the Forgeworld open day with the intention to enter the painting contest there.  I went in search of this:

Unfortunately I left with.........nothing!  Oh well I guess i'll have to put more effort in next time, but on a plus side I did get Sevrin Loth finished and i'll post some good pictures later.  However I did get some photos of the various entries.  First of all the winning entry.

As well as some of the more interesting entries.