Monday, 4 April 2011

Forgeworld open day 2011 - Design Studio Stands

So having failed at my attempts to win shiny trophies I decided to send my crack team of infiltrators to see what information could be gleaned from the strange folk of Forgeworld.

As usual lots to see but some items of particular interest, first up were some nice new Dark Eldar grav tanks, one ready to go into production the other still in a proto-type phase which Darren Parwood said would take at least two months to finish ready for casting.  Apparently no book in the works at the moment, these are just going to be released when they are ready.

They also had a display set up showing the process through from concept to the finished miniature, this time featuring the new 25 man Imperial Guard transport, the "crassus".

and a painted example thats sure to feature in the new Imperial Armour.

There were also some nice new pre-heresy assault marines on show, as well as some WIP sculpts for more pre-heresy heavy weapons.

There were also some nice new shoulder pads for the Salamanders Space Marine chapter as well as more detail packs for the Astral Claws, though the photos I took of these were awful lol.

Thats it for the 40K side of things, square bases coming up next.

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