Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Khador Plastic Warjack - Continued

If you remember ages I go I put together and primed a khador warjack.  I decided to get some more practice with my airbrush messing around with this. Here are the results in dodgy photo fashion.

So I tried to get a bit of shading on the red and then masked it all off to spray the metal basecoat on.  The shading has worked better in some areas than others but an ok start, the vallejo air paints are so much better than standard paints and I noticed a definite difference when I changed between the two.  My masking was also a lil shoddy and I probably should have taken more time over it as there were a few spots I missed and got some bleeding.

The intention was always to heavily weather this jack anyway so shouldnt be too obvious in the final outcome. So next up will be to use some washes to shade the metal and to darken the shadows on the red before I get to work with some traditional highlighting and Glazes.  Then onto the weathering.



  1. might I ask what model air colors you used?

  2. I'll quickly check the names on the bottles and i'll get back to you

  3. Well?^^ I still would like to know.^^