Friday, 25 February 2011

Scythes of the Emperor - Librarian

Well last night I managed to slap some blue paint onto my Sevrin Loth model to be used as my scythes librarian.

Difficult to tell how happy I am with the blue on the helmet and chest plate.  I guess i'll know more when I add some other colours.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Scythes of the Emperor - Razorback with Assault cannons part 5

Not a huge update but made a good start on painting the tank base I made.

Still need to fill the broken pipe with poo and get the static grass clumps stuck in.

Computer Aided Design - Rifleman Prototypes - Arrival

Well I finally received the first print out of my prototype design.  It's a bit large in some dimensions but some scaling will solve that and gives me a chance to improve on some of the fine detail like I wanted to.

I particularly want to create a more interesting shape for the muzzle brake.  Here it is on the torso from a plastic venerable dreadnaught I had knocking around to give you more of an idea.

So once the design gets a tidy up i'll post a preview here then it's off to the printers for round two.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Charcaradon - Army List

So here it is the first draft army list.  Tactical marines swap their boltguns for CCW's as per Tyberos's special rules and he also makes the assault terminators troops.

Tyberos, the Red Wake - 190

5 x Assault Terminators - 200

Land Raider Redeemer with Multi-Melta and extra armour - 265

10 x Tactical Marines with Melta-Gun, Power Fist, Missile Launcher and Rhino - 230

10 x Tactical Marines with Melta-Gun, Power Weapon, Melta-Bombs, Missile Launcher and Rhino - 225

Sexual Predator - 85

Sexual Predator - 85

Rifleman Dreadnaught - 125

Rifleman Dreadnaught - 125

Landspeeder with Heavy Flamer and Multi-Melta - 70

Landspeeder with Heavy Flamer and Multi-Melta - 70

Landspeeder with Heavy Flamer and Multi-Melta - 70

Total - 1750

Charcaradon - Land Raider Redeemer part 1

Everyone knows Tyberos is gonna need a pimp ride to take the battlefield with his retinue of terminators so i've made a start converting up a FW Land Raider ready to belch fiery hot goodness in his service.  Behold.

Overall not a bad little kit to work with though there is some pretty major gapping that needs to be dealt with before I can prime this one.

Charcaradon - Secret Project Revealed

So for those who didn't guess my next distraction is a Chacaradon army from the Badab War.  This is a chance for me to try out my new super cheap airbrush set up seen here.

As well as some Vallejo Air paints that i'm using for the base colour.  Unlike my scythes there will be no tank bases, weathering and battle damage will also feature heavily.  So far mostly been getting some models assembled as seen here.

With my first individual model follow through up next.

Scythes of the Emperor - Razorback with Assault cannons part 4

Well here we go! Metallics are done, generally tidy up has been completed and its ready for it's squad markings (and a good dusting).

I have also got it's base ready to be primed.

Severin Loth from FW is ready to be painted next in the disguise of a Scythes Librarian.  TTFN!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Scythes of the Emperor - Oh the temptation of change!

Well after a couple of games with my Scythes (featuring many proxies) i've decided to make some changes, the Thunderfire (Mole Mortar) is making way for some Landspeeders to help me with that pesky mech.  The Thunderfire will still see the light of day, though may be CAD designed instead now.  This means that a new army list has been born.

Scythes of the Emperor -1750

Pedro Kantor - 175

Librarian with Null Zone and The Avenger - 100

10 x Tactical Marines with Power Fist, Meltagun, Multi-Melta, Combi-Flamer and Rhino - 215

6 x Scouts with Telion, Missile Launcher and Sniper Rifles - 148

5 x Scouts with Power Fist, Combi-Flamers and Shotguns - 110

Landspeeder Storm with Assault Cannon 85

4 x Scout Bikers with Power Fist, and 3 Grenade Launchers - 145

5 x Sternguard with Power Fist, Meltagun, Combi-Flamer and Razorback with Assault Cannon - 235

5 x Sternguard with Meltagun, and Razorback with Lascannon and Twin Plasma Gun - 205

Predator with Lascannon Sponsons - 120

2 x Landspeeder Typhoons with Heavy Bolters.

TOTAL - 1748

So there have been a few modelling changes, but nothing that affects what I have produced so far.  I've mostly been building a whole bunch of models but I have updates on my Razorback and other goodies still to come, SOON!

Computer Aided Design - Rifleman Prototypes

For those who don't know i'm currently studying computer aided design (CAD) and have decided to use my free time in between sections to improve my skills creating hobby related goodness.  My first effort are some arms for a Rifleman Dreadnaught designed to fit Forge Worlds MkIV Dreadnaught.  These are currently away being 3D printed but here's a look at my first attempt.
Over time my abilities will get better and more complex designs will follow, though I will be sure to preview things here and you will get to see my prototype in the "flesh" as soon as UPS deliver it.


So the promised updates are beginning, this one is a lil tease as to another project to be started soon and as soon as the photos upload i'll reveal more.  Having picked up an airbrush on the cheap i'm hoping to rattle this out to an ok standard, very little converting but hopefully some nice weathering.

So on to the clues, this project will involve two of these three things!

So good luck with the guessing and all will be revealed in the next few days!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

BT Broadband - Fail

well so far due to shit service from BT I haven't been able to keep my broadband connected long enough to upload anything. After hours wasted on the phone I appear to have some semblance of a connection so will try to get everything caught up over the next couple of days.