Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Computer Aided Design - Rifleman Prototypes

For those who don't know i'm currently studying computer aided design (CAD) and have decided to use my free time in between sections to improve my skills creating hobby related goodness.  My first effort are some arms for a Rifleman Dreadnaught designed to fit Forge Worlds MkIV Dreadnaught.  These are currently away being 3D printed but here's a look at my first attempt.
Over time my abilities will get better and more complex designs will follow, though I will be sure to preview things here and you will get to see my prototype in the "flesh" as soon as UPS deliver it.


  1. Nice. I've messed around in a few CAD type programs but I haven't even thought about applying this skill to this hobby...

    Who are you using for your printing prototypes?

  2. At the moment I'm using shapeways who use and additive process, I'm currently investigating better quality printing services.