Sunday, 20 May 2012

Infinity - Aleph Faction -Yudbot part 1

Well theres been plenty of prevarication and farting around aswell as a few failed test models but now it's time to get on with it.  I'll be posting my WIP Aleph stuff here for all to poke fun at as I go along.  As I find it impossible to work out how to paint models from a list of colours without seeing the painter at work I'm using a bastardized Angel Giraldez paint scheme.

I figured I would start with a Yudbot as it was only little and shouldn't be too difficult, mistake! It being tiny it's a bit of a swine. But anyway this is my progress so far.

Sorry about the tiny dark photos but most of my WIP stuff will be taken on my camera phone, though all finished models will get a proper photoshoot at the end.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Forgeworld Chaos Warhound Titan

I had this stuck in the bottom of my display cabinet minus the arms for years now so I finally got round to glueing his arms on and hopefully he will soon be finding a new home via the wonders of eBay.  Though I figured I should show him off for posterity.

Warmill - Portable Utility Pod

ANother bit of Scenery smashed out using the airbrush only and no traditional brushwork.  This time it was the utility pod from Warmill, this a nice kit far more detailed than the Sarissa equivalents.  I went for a bit of a grubbier look this time compared to the holoboards as I ntend this to sit amongst my rusty crates/barrels and some skips along with some construction type equipment for a building site type area on the upcoming board.  Heres the photos you were waiting for.

The skips shouldn't be far behind.  TTFN

Scythes of the Emperor - Landspeeder Typhoons Complete

Well as always the word "complete" comes with the usual provisos that they are complete barring insignia.  So Douche Canoe squadron is now up to full strength and ready to go.  Its getting worrying now as until the inevitable happens and I get a transport blown up I have a fully painted army, only five Sternguard and my Kantor stand in are letting down the party.  I picked up some ammo feeds from Zinge industries at salute so the will be some further refinement to his design in the not too distant future.   Anyway heres some photos!

Fully painted army here we come!  TTFN