Thursday, 28 October 2010

Back to Base-ics!

Just a very lil update this time to show of the base i've been building up for my landspeeder storm.  Its built up with plasticard, cork, sand and wire.  Its been filled up with steel ball bearings to give weight and add stability, here it is.

and lets not forget the poo!

any questions ill be happy to answer.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Scythes of the Emperor - Scout Squad No. 2 - Scout Sergeant

As promised an update HOORAY! I got the sergeant for the second squad finished barring touch ups and insignia this afternoon so here he is in all his falcon punching glory.


And of course a gratuitous grope (ahem) group shot of the scout squad.


I'm Back!

Well things have been a lil busy since getting back off my hols, new job, new course at college and of course gamesday.  Well games was its usual self but managed to get myself up into the last dozen or so entries being judged for WFB single miniature with my Queek Headtaker.

Considering this was painted just to go in an army (one I never finished lol) I was pretty pleased im going to have to try and do something especially the next year and see if I can knock it up a notch BHAM!

Well the plan is to get back into more regular updates again and try and soldier on with my Scythes before I get lured away by the sexy Dark Eldar.