Monday, 13 June 2011

Khador Plastic Warjack - It has a base!

Well, I didn't quite manage to finish this liked I hoped.  This was mainly down to an overly long Canadian Grand Prix, a couple of bottles of wine and half a bottle of rum.  Ooops!  I did however get this fellow off his stilts and onto a base, decided to throw in a bit of snow as Khador is supposed to be a bit wintery and it's something I don't normally do.

So here's the mini-update photo:

I'll be trying to crack on with this some more before I get distracted by Game of Thrones later tonight.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Khador Plastic Warjack - Nearly Finished

So managed to get back to some painting after a little sojourn into europe.  I've cracked on an done my best to get the warjack I started a VERY long time ago to a point where i'm hoping I can fit in finishing over the weekend between work and the watching the Canadian Grand Prix.  After getting some basecoats down with the airbrush, as well as some pre-shading, I went back to my trusty paint brushes to continue what I started.  The photos are just taken on my desk under daylight from the window, but they give you a rough idea of where i'm up to here.

Without further ado here's the photos:

So i've still got the axe blade to do as well as the "bonnet hatch" handle.  I'm going to do some work on the piping either side of the boiler.  weathering wise i'll be adding some rust, chipping and some soot in the appropriate places.  I suppose I should build it's base at some point as well lol