Monday, 4 April 2011

Forgeworld open day 2011 - Warhammer Forge.

So I took my sojourn through the realm of the square bases and found some truly intriguing sights (and was generally very impressed!).  So without further a do i'll get to the photos.

It was the upcoming dwarfs that truly impressed me, the characters they had shown of at Gamesday last year are nice and everything but the Infernal Guard and Great Taurus are the "stone cold nuts"

First up the Great Taurus.

Just Kidding!

The guy sculpting this (sorry I forgot your name) has also said he is trying to be allowed the time to do a kit allowing this to be built as a Lammasu as well.  Now for the Infernal Guard.

and a nicely painted example.

I love the direction they have taken with these guys especially the "handgunners" they have a nice sorcerous engineer feel to them which is still artisan rather than cobbled together Skaven weapons.  Now for the bad news, although the book and first releases are out in July ish, the Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard and Great Taurus are late editions so are likely to be a couple of months after the release.  The big war engines didn't really do it for me, but these plus the Siege Giant are proving a huge temptation.

Speaking of Siege Giants.

Also it know appears that the Spawn shown at Gamesday is in fact someones pet and was indeed joined by his master at this event.

There were also a Few more additions to the new Empire line, not that exciting but a certain man lover will enjoy these.

There was also this very promising WIP on display as well.

This is looking great already and I look forward to seeing it finished, the sculptor has done a superb job of getting that skin hanging off bones look rats have.  He even took the time to show me his special collection of "pink images" gathered from the net ;-)

So that just about covers my sunday, spent a lot of time chatting to the guys about the design process, moulding considerations etc and was a very interesting day.  Shame about the motorway closures, torrential hail and lightning on the way home.

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