Thursday, 18 October 2012

Micro Art Studios - Apartment Building - WIP

Furthering my scenery efforts for Infinity I've made a start of one of Micro Art Studios excellent apartment building kit.  I've split this down to make two smaller buildings but I cannot say enough goods things about this kit, if you want scenery for Infinity buy these.  Right less advert more hobby, so far I've got the the basecoat and pre-shading done by essentially blasting this with my airbrush (cheating I know).

So now I'm making a start on the detailing, whilst working out what colours to use for the door and shutters I quickly splashed some paint onto some resin billboards from Antenocitis workshop.  These com with some fun photo inserts which are Sci-Fi enough for me to be happy using them for Infinity.  Once the inserts where trimmed and inserted I covered them in water effect to seal everything in and give the images a shine.

So these are them currently sat on my desk with the second coat of water effect still drying.  Soon as these are dry enough they will be stuck to the building. As I make some more progress and get more decision made on detailing I will get some more updates on the go.

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