Monday, 28 January 2013

DUST - Axis Light Walker

So it's been a while but wanted to have something worthwhile to show your rather than heaps of grey plastic.  This brings us to the DUST Axis Light Walker, the plans for this is to use it as an extra Rifleman Dreadnaught (where location allows) as part of my Guard Auxilla for my Scythes, which could also branch out into a force of its own.  Unlike my Scythes I want any Guard elements to look more worn and weather beaten as the limited resources available would be no doubt lavished upon the elite angels of death rather than the scummy little Guard monkeys.  To this end I used a lot of sponging, washes and some very useful ready make products.  For the oily areas I used Tamiya's clear smoke and for the rust AK Interactives Rust Streak liquid (which tastes foul).

These are excellent kits at a very reasonable price though being pre-assembled it is difficult to get rid of all the mouldlines.  Also slightly annoying that it doesn't quite fit properly onto a GW 64mm base, but they again they aren't intended to.  Very tempted to paint another one of these as well as get some of the other DUST Axis Walkers to use as vehicle stand-ins for the Guard force.

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