Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Khador Plastic Warjack - A tiny bit of progress

Well besides being busy in the real world, hence the lack of posts, some progress has been made in various areas.  First up my Khador stuff for Warmachine.  I've managed to do some scratches on the armour. It's been a long time since i tried this and i'm not 100% happy with the results but here it is.

I've still got the axe to sort out, i've tried a couple of different things but nothing has worked yet. Guess I've forgotten how to blend large area's of metal lol. Plus I've got to do eye's, soot on the exhausts and a lil rust here and there.

Also on deck now we have a second warjack, a Juggernaut this time, and Sorscha to be my warcaster. all i've done so far is to get some basecoats sprayed on to save time later.

These will get there own lil progress threads when I get on a bit further with them.  The plan is to get these sorted so I can get a couple of battlebox games in with chesty, chad vader and the goths before moving onto building a full 35pt force.

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