Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Scythes of the Emperor - Scout Bikers -Part 3

So now that I've finished the bases I've pinned the bikes on to give me something a bit more substantial to get hold of as I finish them off.  So for now here they are, still WIP but progress is being made.

Well thats enough from me for one day, but rest assured more updates are not far away.



  1. I collect Scythes too and have to say nice blog, mate! Just finished my third marine (3rd miniature at all) and thanks on posting all this stuff, it helps a lot.
    And a small request - do you have a group photo of your army?

    P.S. Needed to create a profile to post a comment. Might be start to post my attempts in painting, who knows.

  2. I don't have any army shots at the moment as there is still a good chunk that is still grey plastic or just primed black, not very exciting, though once I get everything painted up there will be some army shots. Hopefully I'll have this done before Xmas as after the scouts I only have 6 infantry and four vehicles left to paint.

    Good look with the scythes you will definately have to let me know where you post some pics up so I can have a nosey