Friday, 26 November 2010

Scythes of the Emperor - Landspeeder Storm - Part 2

well lots of shifts at work but got a little progress done, still needs tidying up and the crew sorting out but here it is anyway.

there ya'll go!


  1. Looks great man, stumbled upon your blog, love your SotM. I'm doing Lamenters myself as a side project. Any tips on doing your yellow? (I can get a smooth coat with my airbrush, but seem to be struggling with shading a bit.) Thanks!

  2. TBH the shading is fairly simple, i just grab khemri brown or graveyard earth (whichever is closer) and use this as a thin wash over the whole area, then use thinned down scorched brown washed into the deep recesses. Then it's just a case of highlighting it back up before glazing it with ink to tie it all together.