Friday, 7 January 2011

Scythes of the Emperor - Razorback with Assault Cannons - Part 2

More yellow you say?

Well after a quick paint session I've nearly got the yellow finished barring around the hunter killer missile. I've started cutting in with black again ready to paint in the non-metallic details and highlight the black areas ready to dullcote. This kills the shine leaving the areas nice and flat. I leave the metallics till after so as to not dull these down aswell.

Last night I ordered some MK V armour from forgeworld along with some weapon packs, I'll be combining these with parts from Severrin Loths bodyguard to make the Sternguard unit this vehicle belongs to so will get some Wip shots up as soon as I can after the bits arrive.

Not a great update but trying to make sure I get on with this project.

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