Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Making a rod for my own back - The Medicator

So now that the end is near for the original army build for my Scythes my mighty bag of ideas for idiot distractions finally gets opened.  I always had a list of thing that I wanted to add to this army that would allow me to mix things up from time to time.  This includes standard marine stuff, I have a chaplain and fighty veteran unit planned.  I also have in mind some human auxila that hopefully will be able to double between Imperial Guard units and Space Marine Codex entries.  More will be revealed in time but for now I present the "Medicator".  This was built to fill the role of both Vindicator (SM) or enclosed Medusa (IG) so I endeavoured to smash together a Vindicator and a Hellhound.  This is still WIP in progress but the overall shape can be seen as to how it will turn out.

To resolve the weapon differences I can swap out the turret depending on option being used.

So now I just have figure out some camo netting to hide the plasticard areas and save me a lot of detailing work.

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