Monday, 23 April 2012

Salute 2012 - also my 100th post

So i figured for my 100th post (never thought I would make it this far) I would do something special.  Ever since I moved to the South of England I intended to go to Salute, yet never got round to it.  However as my 100th post loomed I got an unexpected saturday off and thought "lets get it on!"

I have to say this was an excellenty run event.  For starters a great venue combined with ease of transport and a super cheap ticket price with inclusive miniature already puts Gamesday in a bad light.

The variety of manufacturers and there how approachable and friendly are is where this event really shines.  They talk freely about where they came from and where they want the business to go in the future.  They happily speak about upcoming releases and eat up feedback of all kinds, GW could learn a lot from this approach.  With all this variety the day feels too short to take everything in and you are constantly on the go, not like at Gamesday where I often find myself bored and having covered everything by 2 o'clock.

Other refreshing things was just the variety of different things on display entered in the painting competition, after all it gets a bit boring after the 100th marine in Golden Demon.  Here are some examples of entries on the day.

A real highlight of the day was a chance to speak to the people from hawk wargames previewing there upcoming game dropzone commander.  This is a 10mm mass warfare system, they previewed four factions on the day all with exceptionally good studio paintjobs.  The miniatures and building kits are in a art deco style and the sculptors passion for this style certainly shines through in the miniatures.  Just from a painting basis this gam excites me and I look forward to seeing how it plays aswell.  Here are the photos I managed to plunder from there very well observed cabinets.

The detail on miniatures this scale is absolutely exquisite and the idea of doing a modular building system to go with these miniatures to complement the style is a definate winner. I also have to take my hat off to the studio painter, whoever they are showed these miniatures off in the best possible light.

On the whole it was a great day and despite spending far too much (my purchases will definately be appearing in future posts) I will 100% be back next year.

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