Friday, 6 April 2012

Fun with Science - Casting Crates

Well I survived the monkey fights in Kenya whilst out there for my brothers wedding and have returned!  unfortunately ever since, my misfiring brain has been getting me up at stupid o'clock.  Then inspiration struck! I had found some Hornby crates on sale in the local model shop/fancy dress bazaar and wanted more to use them for "generic crate" for scenery Infinity, Homachine, Malifaux, Fantasy etc.  I also had in my cupboard of many things the remains of a casting kit I had unsuccessfully experimented with in the past so I figured, why not! After all everyone enjoys a bit of solvent abuse in the morning.  So day one I made up the silicon mould.

All went well though I had to bulk out the silicon a bit with random tat I had due to not having quite enough to cover the crate, hence all the speckley bits.  Next up it was time to crack out the toxic chemicals :-)

After a few test pours into plastic cups to make sure I had the ratios right I took the plunge.

The results where surprisingly good so I endeavoured to cast as many as I had resin left.  This left me with a neat little pile of crates ready for priming and painting.

Having not totally cocked this up I think there will be more casting in the future and fully intend to experiment with different kinds of moulds and see what other things I can create as soon as I get some more Silicon and resin.  One thing I have learned is next time i'll be using a 1:1 ratio resin as there was a lot of time wasted with weighing and measuring.  So make sure you keep your eyes peeled for whatever early morning madness appears next.

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