Monday, 26 September 2011

Games Day UK 2011 - Forgeworld

First up are the ubiquitous Forgeworld loves dreadnoughts photos

The Khorne Contemptor is a conversion not a new kit but showa what can be done with a few bits of brass etch and some Bolter chain-bayonets.

Now into the new stuff we have the Rapier Laser Destroyer up first though the crew haven't been started yet.

The new Phoenix Lord for the Shadow Spectres with some kind of pimp-cannon

The Space Wolf character Bran Redmaw (can't say i'm keen on the axe head), his Wulfen form is WIP but wasn't shown to my knowledge.

We also have some pic's of the re-imagined MK1 Land Raider

And finally some Boarding Marines with a Macharius Omegon (sp?) in the background.

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