Monday, 26 September 2011

Games Day UK 2011

Over the next few posts i'll be publishing the photo's I took yesterday at Gamesday.  It has to be said there wasn't an awful lot of new stuff there this year compared to previous years.  GW only showcased products already on sale/advance orders that were Fantasy related, there was nothing at all for 40K and no hints at all were given, not even a tease.

  Forgeworld brought some new things but again not on the same scale as before, though still nice to see they made an effort for their customers.  Once again Forgeworld were the most fun/interesting to chat with, it's always worth taking the time to chat with them.

Fantasy Flight brought plenty of product and had some good but limited demo games going on for people to try their products.  These guys really needed more room though did the best they could with limited resources.

As far as Golden Demon and Armies on parade went there was good variety and generally high standard though LotR single mini was woefully under subscribed.  The Armies on parade were also let down by how they were displayed, very difficult to see detail (let alone photo) due to being a long way behind barriers and low to the floor.  The trophy ceremony is a joke every year due to the too small and awful resolution screen used to display the winners, sometimes it was difficult to work out what a miniature was let alone see the paint job.

The retail areas were a mixed bag, the queue to get in was horrendous (i waited two hours) probably due to combining all three retail areas into one space.  Though once inside actually getting the product (barring very odd stock levels) was very quick due to plenty of staff and the new till area was a vast improvement over having the staff handle cash at each stand.

Anyway time for photos!

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