Monday, 26 September 2011

Games Day UK 2011 - Golden Demon - Things I Noticed

so intriguingly it appears the times they are a changing.  First of all it appears they have reduced the first cut field substantially, I noticed only about 30 green stickers for 40K single miniature this year, a trend that was continued throughout the cabinets.  This makes it much more significant to even place these days so adds a bit more kudos to your effort which is nice (even if I didn't make it lol).  Also a lot of very nice, but heavily sculpted miniatures were either ignored or purposely discounted by the judges.  It seems they favoured small conversions using available GW parts over sculpting.  This seems like a good change as it makes it more a painting competition and less a sculpting competition.  However this ranged to the ridiculous in the WFB single miniature category where about two thirds of the finalists where the new GW single character plastics.  There were still the usual WTF!! entries as usual too, like this:

Lord of the Rings seemed hugely under subscribed compared to any other year, I guess GW are banking on the Hobbit to turn the lack of interest around.  Overall I felt there was a lot of variety this year with lots of good ideas to be inspired by (rip off shamelessly) even if not always the best executed.

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