Sunday, 29 August 2010

Khador Plastic Warjack

So I got myself another distraction from the lovely people of wargamesworkshop this time, ordered at midnight on tuesday here on thursday morning, can't ask for better.  This time it's something different again a nice chunky jack to mess around with and dirty up a bit lol

What appeared in my mail

inside you get the cards for all four jacks you can make and all the parts sealed in a funny lil baggy chain.

Got all the bits out that I needed leaving loads to spare.

It has to be said whilst the detail is generally crisp and they haven roughly taken of most of the injection lugs, where they have used multiple piece moulds the mould lines tend to converge around detail making them awkward to remove.

It should be noted these are like the resin from the basing kits than actual plastic so super glue is need.  This is how far i've gotten some cleaning up still needed.

I particularly like the little lugs on the legs as they go together even without glue so should be nice and strong.

Overrall a nicely detailed kit with only a few minor issues looking forwarding to getting on with this.

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  1. The Cyclone I got was not that bad, tho its going to be by Deamon Prince for my Iron Wariors