Saturday, 21 August 2010

Scythes of the Emperor - Making Combi-Flamers

Having been asked by various folks how I made my combi-flamers I have put together a very simple tutorial.  It's not great but gets the general idea across.  First things first, remember pointy things can cause serious pain, do not attempt if very small or incompetent.

Ok here goes, first of all you will need tools

5)1mm drill bits

The bits you will need are

1)space marine commander plastic boltgun-melta combi weapon
2)blood angel death company handflamer

Step 1 - chopping mercilessly

At this stage you can use clippers to roughly remove areas we dont need such as the melta gun barrel and the main body of the handflamer til you have something looking roughly like this.

this is the ideal time to drill out the bareels using a pinvice as if you do it later in there new positions they will probably snap off.

Step 2 - SHAVE IT!

being very careful, knives can be sharp, we gently slice the boltgun barrel away trying not to distort it shape before cleaning up the front of the bolter body so it is nice and smooth mmmm.  Then we also carefully pare away the boby of the handflamer leaving only the barrel and hose assembly so we end up with something like this.

Stage 3 - Getting Sticky

simply stick the barrels in the new positions so it looks a bit like this and hey presto we are done.

Hope that helps and any questions get in touch.

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