Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Scythes of the Emperor

So I guess I should introduce the first of my current projects.  Having not painted a Games Workshop Space Marine army in a very long time, I decided that when I painted a new army to game with whilst playing WH40K I should make a return to the power armoured brethren.  Inspiration slapped me with a big wet kipper in the form of the short story 'Orphans of the Kraken' in the GW novel legends of the space marine.  This took me back to the early days of my involvement in the hobby when I was exposed to such art work as this.

Plus it was a chapter with good background that was rarely seen on a gaming table, as well as a suitably striking yellow and black colour scheme.

So now you have an idea what i'm up to I will give you a first sneaky pic of what i've accomplished so far.

First up is the first half of a Tactical Squad (i'll post the WIP of the next five in a later post) along with there rhino armoured personnel carrier.

I've also worked my way through a scout sniper squad with power armoured sergeant to represent Telion for gaming purposes.

So far i'm aiming to get as much infantry out of the way before I go back and add the chapter iconography.

Thats probably enough for one post more to come soon.

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