Friday, 20 August 2010

Scythes of the Emperor - Mole Mortar

As some additional fire support for my marines I figured on adding a thunderfire cannon to the army, however after putting together over a dozen of the GW models in the past (it's a bitch) I fancied something a lil different.  I decided to retro things up and attempt to create amole mortar model as a stand in.   I took inspiration from the original below though had to modernise it and make it a lot bigger (it's teeny!)

So I've made a start on building myself a new version using lots of various diameter plastic tubes inserted inside each other to develop pistons and barrel etc.

Having got this far I still need to think about adding a bipod and magazine/breach assembly.  The base is temporary just to give me something to work on, it will have a scenic base to match the rest of the army and needs either a squat or techmarine gunner.  This is an ongoing side project so will be updated from time to time as I do little bits here and there.

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