Sunday, 29 August 2010

Worktop WIP - just a quicky lol

Well I thought I could show what I've been up to this evening. Photos are a lil rough and ready as taken on my desk, as I couldn't be arsed popping up the light tent.  Bit of luck i'll get the 'Jack primed in the morning (weather depending) and my two scouts finished with some proper photos taken of them.

Hopefully i'll manage to get the scout squad finished before I go on holiday but time is running low.  TTFN!


  1. Loving your work on the Scythes, when you take a big squad photo could you contact me at, would be great to add you too the Gallery with other enthusiasts about the blogsphere :)

    What are you using for the fatigues to get that smooth cream finish?

  2. Thanks for the comments and I'll definately look at sending so pics over when I do some proper full army shots. As for the fatigues this will have to be as best I can remember off the top of my head as I'm on holiday ATM.

    Basecoat was GW Khemri brown then washed with GW Devlan Mud just to define the shadows.

    Then highlight up through mixes of GW Khemri Brown/VMC Ivory getting lighter up to pure VMC Ivory, then a few GW Skull White sharp highlights.

    Smoothness is just multiple thin coats, patience (which I have very little of lol) pays off.

  3. Ahh.. nice, thanks for the recipe, actually have those colours on hand - very nice finish.

    Enjoy the holiday! :)